2007: Pastor Lucas Forsthoff and Pastor Jacob Ouellette pioneered the Ignited Ministry Academy. Since then it has been successfully training young adults for a life of significance and launching them toward their calling.

2012: Pastor Ben Block became the new intern director and took the program to a whole new level.

2014: Pastor Ben launched the second year internship program.

2015: Our first ever single semester program began! 

2017: Pastor Evan Barriger took on the Internship and became our new intern director.


The following core values are both qualities and actions that the staff and academy students seek to aspire towards and promote in their daily lives as well as the lives of those in their charge. These values permeate all we do: job description, training, meetings, and ministry. They transcend the IMA Program and are applicable in multiple contexts. These values, when internalized, become our gift to you (improved leadership skills) and your gift to those you serve (effective leadership). 

•    Full devotion to Christ
•    Passionate Worship
•    Reaching and teaching the next generation
•    Loving community
•    Authority of God’s Word
•    Worldwide Evangelism
•    Faithfulness
•    Integrity
•    Fun


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