1. Does the $3000 cover my mission trip?

Answer: Not completely. We want our interns to fundraise and take ownership of their mission trip. We do understand that it may be difficult to come up with the tuition payments as well as the mission trip cost; This is why we give our first year students a $1000 credit toward their mission trip. 

2. Can I continue working and do the IMA at the same time?

Answer: Yes. You are allowed to work and do the IMA. We do not advise working more than 10 hours a week. It is important that you remember your course load when making your decision and do not spread yourself too thin. 

3. What are the classes like?

Answer: Our students take class Monday-Thursday. These classes include: watching a DVD either from Christian Life School of Theology or a leadership podcast lead by a reputable speaker, taking notes, and group discussion. Students are given one test at the completion of their course work. This test is sent into CLST and graded.  

4. Can I go to secular college and do the IMA at the same time?

Answer: Yes! As with working, you are encouraged to keep your outside work/school schedule to 10 hours or less. So if you can complete your class hours and homework within the 10 hour time period, you may take that course. These courses may not in any way interfere with your IMA schedule and may not ever be a priority over your internship. 

5. Are my IMA credits transferable?

Answer: In some cases. It depends on the school you are trying to transfer to. Some christian colleges will accept your degree/credits if they may be applied to your area of study. The IMA is designed to give you a well rounded foundation and set you up for leadership. It is not as focused on the scholastic aspect of college as much as the experience and skills you will learn. The IMA is a wonderful tool to use on your resume and in full-time ministry.