Have a fun and exciting time serving in our various ministries, daily tasks, as well as sweet adventure trips

Serving in Momentum and Ignited

Our interns have a blast planning fun events, parties, and activities for our youth and young adult ministries. There is always something going on, and as an intern you will be at the center of it all.


The Intern Director strives to set a culture of fun and excitement for the interns. Whether its a fun outing, inside jokes, games during lunch break, or even random parties, we try to make the internship a fun and inviting environment. 

Adventure trips

Our adventure trips range from around four to five days. They involve activities to promote teamwork and bonding,  make a more effective group, and to give them a break from all the hard work that is done in the church. Some of these activities may include low ropes, fun and crazy scavenger hunts, going to a huge church conference, and finding the weirdest restaurant in town. Interns aren't told the schedule of the adventure trip so there are many surprises around every corner and it makes for an incredible, memorable trip. Interns have three adventure trips throughout the school year. These trips are some of the highlights of the year because it pushes them out of their comfort zone. It encourages each intern to think out of the box and stretch them beyond their limits.