Meet Evan.

Evan Barriger has been our fearless leader and director of the Ignited Ministry Academy since January 2017. He is a man of big dreams, solid integrity, unwavering confidence and a passionate heart to see the lives of young adults be set on fire for God and His purposes for their lives. Evan’s life is a true testament to this ministry as he was an intern himself and earned his associates in theology in the year 2011. It was in the IMA where he received the call to ministry and he has been forever changed because of it. Evan and his wife, Kendra, have been married for four years. They enjoy doing ministry together and finding any reason to take an adventure! It is not rare to find Evan drinking coffee at an absurd hour of the day, stumping someone with a good question, making up songs, or bringing uplifting words to someone in need of encouragement.