By joining the IMA you will be given opportunities to serve in a thriving ministry as well as help behind the scenes to build a successful ministry



Momentum is our college age ministry reaching young adults from 18-39 years of age.  There are a ton of ministries for an intern to be a part of, from food to music, and from tech to greeting people at the door.  We will discover the niche for you and plug you in.  Momentum is a thriving ministry that parties for life.  We want to help bring young adults into thriving relationships with God and each other.


Ignited is our 7th-12th grade student outreach program, where God is calling us to teach the baddest of the bad to become the best of the best.  One thing that makes Ignited unique is our Bus Ministry.  Every week we send out buses to different locations and pick up hundreds of kids.  Once they arrive they can visit the cafes for drinks, pizza, and other snacks.  Kids are able to participate in pre-service games and win prizes before the worship team leads them in a few songs of worship.  Finally, kids listen to a sermon by one of our youth pastors and are dismissed to the buses.

Areas of ministry

Interns will  be given an area of ministry according to their aptitude for a certain ministry.  Current positions are available in many areas including: Bus Ministry, Tech Ministry, Administration, Children's Ministry, Public Speaking Team, and many more.


Bus-terns take ownership of the behind the scenes work of the bus ministry.  They're in charge of brainstorming, decorating, and are given leadership rolls, as well as bus-related administration. These Interns have the unique opportunity to interact one on one with the bus students in our youth ministry. 


Tech-terns take ownership of Technology and Media in the ministry.  They are taught how to handle a camera, both video and still, how to operate and troubleshoot the soundboard, lighting console, computer (lyrics, sermon outlines, videos and photos) and recording cameras. Tech-terns also have the opportunity to learn how to use graphic design software and create beautiful media for the church. 


Admin-terns take ownership of logistics, calling, keep track of budgeting, as well as being a service director during ministry nights.  Service directors bridge the gap between vision and execution, they keep the ball rolling and troubleshoot the night.  Admin-terns also keep track of numbers, sign-ups and service responses.

Children's Ministry Interns:

These interns get the unique opportunity to reach out to our youngest generation and help build a foundation of christ in their lives. Children's ministry interns help prepare lessons, work with children from nursery-6th grade, and get one-on-one ministry training by our children's pastor.


Our public speaking interns (Preach-terns)  are part of a learning program that will help develop their communication skills and prepare them for ministry. Our preach-terns are given the opportunity to preach to other interns, learn how to prepare an effective sermon, learn preaching styles from our staff, gain skills as an emcee, and so much more. 

other areas of ministry:

There are endless opportunities for students to grow in their calling and giftings. Other areas include: Small group leading, look and feel (room designing and layout), worship team, outreach, mentoring, and many more.